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Who we are

We are three moms who come  from similar and yet different African backgrounds.

Our stories growing up, at times sound the same and at times are very distinctly not the same. But one thing we have appreciated is how our lives in one way or another have seemed similar when it comes to the African wax fabric clothing.

The three of us grew up in Africa but in three different countries. Fatima, mom of two is from Senegal. Fatou, mom of one is Malian-Ivorian. And Elsie, mom of two is from Togo. We all met in Montreal, Canada and by some wondrous destiny have decided to embark on the journey to share our cultures to Canada and beyond. 

The African wax fabric has been part of our lives since we were little girls. As moms always on the go, we have known how difficult it can be to sometimes wear our Ankara clothing to go about our day. So we have decided to share the passion of elegant, colorful but mostly practical African wax clothing. These fabrics are full of color, passion and sometimes they can tell a story or remain mysterious. 

In order for this to become a reality, some of us went back to our hometowns to find some great working men and women who have diligently worked non-stop to make our dream a reality. We have truly poured ourselves into each design, each fabric chosen.

Designing each one of the clothing on our site has been pure bliss for each one of us and we truly hope that as you embark on this journey with us, you will appreciate every stitch, every effort and every thought that went toward each one of our garments.


The meaning of the name Projet Fadör.

Most people are intrigued by the name Projet Fadõr. The name came from a bit of “thinking outside the box”. We wanted a name that tells it all in a chic and concise manner. 

First things first! Fadõr came from our passion for fashion. In French a way to express this passion is “J’adore fashion”. So the “Fa” stands for Fashion, and “Dör” stands for J’adore. 

 Why the word Projet? We felt it is our mission and a project for us to get many women (eventually men and kids too) to wear Fadör designs. 

So we at Projet Fadõr are aiming to make you Fadorific!